Obsługa techniczna helikopterówComprehensive maintenance

Helicopter maintenance

Helicopter maintenance is a wide range of specialized activities. Machines require that the wear condition of specific components be checked, the degree of deterioration of external coatings be examined, or ongoing repairs be carried out when a specific fault occurs. It would be a truism to say that the safety of not only the pilot, but also the life and health of dozens of other people depends on regular inspections, tests and repairs. After all, we all have imaginations developed enough to be able to predict the consequences of an air traffic disaster. It is worth adding that the maintenance of helicopters is, above all, a range of specific, legally enforced procedures.


Helicopter maintenance - AMO station

It's worth mentioning that helicopter maintenance we provide is on the basis of the necessary licences. Our service and repair facilities are called Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO), which means we are an Approved Maintenance Centre. We owe the high quality of our services to our extensive experience, excellent education and well-equipped technical facilities. So, if you  look for an authorized helicopter service point, we invite you today!