Doradztwo przy zakupieHelicopter purchasing advice

Buying a helicopter – a new or used one

If you are planning to buy a helicopter, whether a new or used one, seek guidance from industry experts. Our specialists will advise you on the type of machine to choose, taking into account all your needs. We will also look at the technical condition of the helicopter and make the necessary repairs, overhauls and adaptations. Buying a car is already a serious and, to a certain extent, specialized investment, which makes the decision to purchase a helicopter all the more important to take a close look at and give yourself enough time to do so. Tips that you can count on will not only affect your comfort, but also allow you to save a lot of money. But most importantly, the help we provide translates into safety, and therefore your life and health. When planning to buy a helicopter, both a new and used one, it is worth consulting experts.


What to pay attention to when planning to buy a helicopter?

Planning to buy a helicopter, the first question to be answered is what purpose the machine will be used for. Other types of aircraft are ordered with business in mind, others when a chopper is needed for patrol or sanitary functions. We guarantee that we have extensive knowledge of flying machines, we also have a great sense of the industry and the prevailing trends. But most importantly, we also provide helicopter service. So you can count not only on professional advice and guidance on the purchase itself, but also on long-term care and technical support. This is especially important when you decide to buy a used helicopter.