Robinson R66 Turbine / Turbine Marine

Robinson R66

The five-seat Robinson R66 Turbine / Turbine Marine is a light helicopter, which is the most modern product of the Robinson Helicopter Company. A new type of power unit, powered by JET A fuel, the Rolls Royce RR300 turbine engine generates a maximum power of 270 SHP, significantly increasing the margin of efficiency in high-altitude flights. The R66 helicopters retain the proven technical features of older models, such as the twin bladed tail rotor, shatterproof fuel tanks, T-shaped rudder and hydraulic power steering significantly reducing the forces on the rudders, allowing for more confident and precise flying.

R66 helicopters feature a widened cabin, energy-absorbing seats and a large luggage compartment that can carry up to 300 lb (136 kg) of cargo.

The R66 Turbine Marine version is equipped with emergency inflatable floats that can be filled with air at any time, significantly increasing safety during flights over water reservoirs.

Technical specifications:

Performance R66 Turbine R66 Turbine Marine
Speed not to exceed VNE 140 kts 259 km/h 130 kts 241 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 110 kts 204 km/h 110 kts 204 km/h
Maximum range 350 nm 650 km 350 nm 650 km
Maximum engine power 270 SHP 270 SHP
Fuel tank 73,6 US gal 278 l 73,6 US gal 278 l
Additional fuel tank (optional, large) 43,0 US gal 162,8 l 43,0 US gal 162,8 l
Additional fuel tank (optional, small) 23,0 US gal 87,0 l 23,0 US gal 87,0 l
Empty helicopter weight 1 290 lbs 585 kg 1 355 lbs 615 kg
Maximum take-off weight 2 700 lbs 1 225 kg 2 700 lbs 1 225 kg
Payload 1 410 lbs 640 kg 1 345 lbs 610 kg