Robinson R44 Raven II / Clipper II

Robinson R44 Raven II

The four-seat Robinson R44 Raven II / Clipper II helicopters are the development version of the R44 Raven I / Clipper I. Equipped with a more powerful 245 HP Lycoming IO-540 engine with direct fuel injection, they offer high performance and power reserve while maintaining the same external dimensions and low operating costs. Each R44 has a twin-blade carrier rotor, distinctive T-shaped steering wheel and shatterproof fuel tanks.

The aluminum shell structure and powder-coated truss ensure low curb weight and high strength, while the aerodynamic shape of the hull reduces fuel consumption and enables a high cruising speed of 109 knots (202 km/h). Hydraulic power steering significantly reduces drag on the rudders, allowing for more confident and precise control, while the low speed of the tail rotor blade tips and large multi-chamber muffler reduce flight noise.

The Clipper II version comes in two varieties. The first one is equipped with fixed floats, the other one with emergency inflatable floats. Emergency floats can be filled with air at any time, significantly increasing safety during flights over water reservoirs.

Technical specifications:

Performance Raven II Clipper II with floats
Speed not to exceed VNE 130 kts 241 km/h 120 kts 222 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 109 kts 202 km/h 106 kts 196 km/h
Maximum range 300 nm 550 km 300 nm 550 km
Maximum engine power 245 KM 245 KM
Fuel tank 29,5 US gal 111,6 l 29,5 US gal 111,6 l
Additional fuel tank 17,0 US gal 64,3 l 17,0 US gal 64,3 l
Empty helicopter weight 1 505 lbs 683 kg 1 570 lbs 712 kg
Maximum take-off weight 2 500 lbs 1 134 kg 2 500 lbs 1 134 kg
Payload 955 lbs 451 kg 930 lbs 422 kg