Robinson R22 Beta II

Robinson R22

The two-seat Robinson R22 Beta II is a proven helicopter with excellent performance proven in a wide range of missions for over 40 years. The helicopter features a two-blade carrier rotor, minimising the dimensions of the parked helicopter, a distinctive T-shaped rudder that makes getting in and out of the cabin much easier, and shatterproof fuel tanks.

The aluminium shell construction and powder-coated truss provide low empty weight and high strength, while the aerodynamic fuselage shape ensures high cruising speed (96 kts /178 km/h) and low fuel burn of 27 to 38 litres per flight hour.

Robinson R22 Beta II is powered by a reliable 131hp Lycoming O-360 piston engine, providing extra power for demanding flights at high altitudes or at high air temperatures.


Technical specifications:

Speed not to exceed VNE 102 kts 189 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 96 kts 178 km/h
Maximum range 250 nm 460 km
Maximum engine power 131 KM
Fuel tank 16,9 US gal 64 l
Additional fuel tank 9,4 US gal 35,6 l
Empty helicopter weight 880 lbs 399 kg
Maximum take-off weight 1 370 lbs 622 kg
Payload 490 lbs 223 kg