Bell 429

Bell 429

Bell 429 helicopter provides exceptional speed, range, hovering performance and an increased margin of safety with a fully integrated glass cockpit avionics system, advanced power train, best-in-class WAAS navigation and the ability to fly IFR out of sight with one or two crew. The Bell 429 helicopter is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW 207D1 turbine engines equipped with a dual digital FADEC control system. The total power of the powerplant is 1460 SHP and allows for a maximum cruising speed of 150 knots (278 km / h). As standard, each helicopter is equipped with an integrated Bell BasiX Pro avionics system and a three-axis automatic flight control system, allowing for easier tracking the most important flight parameters and increasing safety by effectively reducing the pilot's workload.

Bell 429 offers more cabin space than any other light twin engine helicopter. The interior of the helicopter can accommodate up to seven passengers and the pilot, depending on the configuration of passenger seats (standard configuration 2 + 6). A completely flat floor increases passenger comfort and facilitates the transport of loads. The wide 62-inch (159 cm) side and optional rear doors provide quick and easy access to the helicopter's interior. The extraordinary soundproofing of the cabin and its isolation from vibrations, a completely flat floor and wide, comfortable seats increase passenger comfort. 

Bell 429 introduces a completely new level of flight safety through the use of dual circuits in the avionics, hydraulic and powerplant systems, allowing for single engine flight capability and high tail rotor performance in all power requirements. The helicopter is certified for single-pilot IFR flights in category A and is compliant with EU-OPS. 

Bell 429 is available with two landing gear versions - a standard skid and a retractable wheeled landing gear (Bell 429 WGL) which, by reducing aerodynamic drag, allows a cruising speed of 155 knots (287 km/h).

Technical specifications:

Speed not to exceed VNE 155 kts 287 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 150 kts 278 km/h
Maximum range 411 nm 761 km
Maximum flight time 4,5 hours
Maximum engine power 2 x 730 SHP
Fuel tank 217 US gal 821 l
Additional fuel tank (optional) 39 US gal 148 l
Passenger cabin volume 204 ft3 5,78 m3
Luggage compartment volume 74 ft3 2,1 m3
Empty helicopter weight (basic configuration) 4 465 lbs 2 025 kg
Maximum take-off weight (internal load) 7 000 lbs 3 175 kg
Maximum take-off weight (outside) 8 000 lbs 3 629 kg
Payload (internal load) 2 535 lbs 1 150 kg
Lifting capacity at outer hook 3 000 lbs 1 361 kg