Bell 427

Bell 427

Bell 427 is a light twin-engine helicopter, produced in the years 1997 - 2010, combines high performance, uncompromising power and exceptional flight comfort. The helicopter spacious cabin offers room for up to seven passengers and the pilot (depending on seat configuration), and when the seats are removed, it also allows large loads to be carried thanks to wide 49.2-inch (124 cm) side doors. Due to low vibration and noise levels, the Bell 427 is one of the most comfortable lightweight twin-engine helicopters.

The helicopter is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW207D turbine engines with a total power of 1,300 SHP, equipped with a digital FADEC control system, which enable a flight at a maximum cruising speed of 138 knots (259 km / h).

The Bell 427 is fitted as standard with a digital display of engine performance indications on two IIDS screens, allowing quick and ergonomic access to key parameters, reducing pilot workload.

Technical specifications:

Speed not to exceed VNE 140 kts 259 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 138 kts 256 km/h
Maximum range 394 nm 730 km
Maximum flight time 4,0 hours
Maximum engine power 2 x 650 SHP
Fuel tank 203,5 US gal 770 l
Passenger cabin volume 102 ft3 2,9 m3
Luggage compartment volume 27 ft3 0,76 m3
Empty helicopter weight (basic configuration) 3 881 lbs 1 760 kg
Maximum take-off weight (internal load) 6 350 lbs 2 880 kg
Maximum take-off weight (outside) 6 550 lbs 2 971 kg
Payload (internal load) 2 469 lbs 1 120 kg
Lifting capacity at outer hook 3 000 lbs 1 361 kg