Bell 407 GXi

Bell 407

Bell 407GXi is a helicopter combining reliability, speed, efficiency and maneuverability, allowing you to undertake a wide range of missions thanks to a configurable cabin. The helicopter features a spacious interior providing space for five passengers with club seating and two seats in the front of the fuselage for the pilot and co-pilot or optionally a sixth passenger (5 + 2 arrangement). The helicopter offers the highest degree of comfort thanks to excellent cabin soundproofing and low vibration levels. 

The Rolls Royce 250-C47E/4 turbine engine, equipped with a dual-channel FADEC system, delivers exceptional performance regardless of altitude or air temperature, enabling a cruising speed of 133 knots (246 km/h). The Bell 407GXi proves that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for performance. 

Each helicopter is equipped as standard with the modern integrated avionics system Garmin G1000H® NXi, providing an instant overview of the most important flight parameters, reducing the crew workload to a minimum, increasing safety and situational awareness.

Technical specifications:

Speed not to exceed VNE 140 kts 259 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 133 kts 246 km/h
Maximum range 337 nm 624 km
Maximum flight time 4 hours
Maximum engine power 862 SHP
Fuel tank 127,8 US gal 483,8 l
Additional fuel tank (optional) 19 US gal 71,9 l
Passenger cabin volume 85 ft3 2,4 m3
Luggage compartment volume 16 ft3 0,5 m3
Empty helicopter weight (basic configuration) 2 700 lbs 1 224 kg
Maximum take-off weight (internal load, standard configuration) 5 000 lbs 2 268 kg
Maximum take-off weight (internal load, optional configuration) 5 250 lbs 2 381 kg
Maximum take-off weight (outside) 6 000 lbs 2 722 kg
Payload (internal load, standard configuration) 2 300 lbs 1 043 kg
Payload (internal load, optional configuration) 2 550 lbs 1 156 kg
Lifting capacity at outer hook 3 100 lbs 1 406 kg