Robinson R44 Raven I / Clipper I

Robinson R44 Raven

The four-seat helicopter Robinson R44 Raven I / Clipper I is efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. It has been proven for years all over the world. Each R44 has a twin-blade carrier rotor, distinctive T-shaped steering wheel and shatterproof fuel tanks.

The aluminium shell construction and powder-coated truss provides low empty weight and high strength, while the aerodynamic fuselage shape reduces fuel consumption and enables a high cruising speed of 108 knots (200 km/h). Hydraulic power steering significantly reduces drag on the rudders, allowing for more confident and precise control, while the low speed of the tail rotor blade tips and large multi-chamber muffler reduce flight noise.

Robinon R44 Raven I / Clipper I helicopters are powered by a 225hp Lycoming O-540 carburettor engine, fitted as standard with carburetor preheat assist, automatically adjusting the amount of heat supplied to the carburetor, increasing safety and reducing pilot workload.

R44 Clipper I helicopters are equipped with floats that enable landing on the water.

Technical specifications:

Performance Raven I Clipper I with fixed floats
Speed not to exceed VNE 130 kts 241 km/h 120 kts 222 km/h
Maximum cruising speed 108 kts 200 km/h 101 kts 187 km/h
Maximum range 300 nm 550 km 300 nm 550 km
Maximum engine power 225 KM 225 KM
Fuel tank 29,5 US gal 111,6 l 29,5 US gal 111,6 l
Additional fuel tank 17,0 US gal 64,3 l 17,0 US gal 64,3 l
Empty helicopter weight 1 450 lbs 658 kg 1 500 lbs 680 kg
Maximum take-off weight 2 400 lbs 1 089 kg 2 400 lbs 1 089 kg
Payload 950 lbs 431 kg 900 lbs 409 kg